Why Choose Transcom

Why Partner with Transcom Solutions?

Since its inception, Transcom has remained committed to its mission of serving our customers with the highest integrity. Across service lines, Transcom works to achieve its mission while delivering responsible, cost-effective results to its clients. Transcom’s approach to translation and transportation is a constantly evolving model that allows us to provide customized solutions that cater to each customer’s unique needs.

  • Overall reduction in cost with minimal to no additional fees that are considered to be “Industry Standard”
  • Immediate 3 point contact made in order to secure correct and updated information related to the assignment.
  • Instant Spanish interpreters have case management background which reduces overall phone time for initial contact/recorded statements.
  • Live operators every time you call
  • Email updates to claims handlers to ensure knowledge of each visit
  • Insurance industry knowledge which assists in streamlining the referral process and reduction in time spent scheduling assignments.